Helping you stay connected for less
Connections lead to opportunities and we’re here to help. If you qualify for the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), you can reduce your monthly home internet bill.
What is the Emergency Broadband Benefit?
The EBB is a federal government program that provides a temporary benefit on home internet or wireless service for eligible households, decreasing your bill by up to $50 per month, or up to $75 off your bill if you reside on qualifying Tribal lands. First get approved for the EBB by applying with the federal government’s National Verifier.

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Once you are approved, please contact us for additional instructions.



EBB Program FAQ

  1. Any and all outstanding bills must be paid in full prior to application of EBB reimbursements to customer’s account.*
  2. If monthly service rate is more than the EBB reimbursement, the difference must be paid on time or service plan will be adjusted to match the EBB amount (HD).
  3. Customer must apply on the EBB site, then must provide LiteWire with the application ID, EXACT full name, address, date of birth and email or phone number used for the application in order for LiteWire to actually enroll them in the EBB program. Customers are NOT active in the program when their application is approved but only when LiteWire has successfully enrolled them via the EBB system.
  4. The EBB program is a reimbursement of “up to $50 toward monthly internet service” (to LiteWire). The customer must pay the first month that they are in the program and LiteWire will apply credit on their account each month that LiteWire receives a reimbursement for their previous month’s invoice. If their monthly invoice is less than $50, LiteWire can only submit for the actual invoice. Customers on Basic can choose to upgrade to HD if desired to get full benefit of the EBB program.
  5. The program can change at any time so check back frequently for updates.
* This means any bill that was generated prior to the customer being accepted in the program must be paid example: Bill is generated 5/12 with a due date of 6/2 must be paid even if they are accepted before 6/2 (or on 6/2).