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Basic high speed internet intended for:
  • Email
  • Light web use
  • Single computer.
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High speed internet intended for:
  • Heavy Duty Use
  • Games
  • Video Streaming
  • Multiple computers.
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Home Office
Entry level business class high speed internet featuring:
  • Higher speeds than standard plans
  • Increased upload speeds
  • Increased sustained rates
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Business Class Max
Ultimate high speed internet featuring:
  • Maximum speeds
  • Static Public IP address
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Priority support
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Since you submitted your address for analysis, we will be contacting you to let you know what we found. At that time you will have the opportunity to ask any additional questions and/or schedule an install. If you have any questions before you hear from us, or you want to check on the results please call us at 888-825-2005.
Basic - Click for speed details
Intended for basic web browsing and email.
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LiteWire Basic Service: $34.95*
HD - Click for speed details
Intended for watching online movies and TV.
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LiteWire HD Service: $49.95*
Home Office - Click for speeds
Intended for transferring continuous large files.
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LiteWire Home Office Service: $71.95
Business Class Max - (Speeds)
Maximum available speed!
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LiteWire Business Class Service: $149.95
Managed WIFI
Connect multiple wireless devices, safely and securely!
LiteWire Managed WIFI $3.00/month, plus one time setup fee.
Professional Installation: $75.95

Lease - LifeTime or Standard
Two Year Contract Option
Upgrade Options:
Static IP address
Advanced Spam Filtering
LiteWire Managed WIFI
LifeTime Lease - $89.95 - One time payment.

Pay once up front and we will maintain the equipment as long as you continue service. Note that this is not a purchase and the equipment must still be returned to us if you cancel.

Note: This option is assumed in the base price.
Standard Lease - $5.00 per month

Simple monthly payments make it easier to get started. Just $5/month and LiteWire will maintain the equipment as long as you continue service. If you want to switch to Lifetime Lease mode at any time just contact us to find out how qualify for a monthly discount.

Note: This option will add $5/month to the base price.
SAVE $5/month with a 2 Year Contract**

If you are not comfortable with signing a two year contract right away, don't worry, anyone on our current plans can take advantage of this offer anytime! When you are ready just printout and sign the contract, and mail it to us for $5 off every month for the term of your service.
If you are an existing customer wishing to switch to a new plan please contact us for details.

Note: This option is assumed in the base price.
Static Public IP Address - $5 per month

Static IP addresses are sometimes necessary for certain games and special connections such as viewing a web based camera at your home. If you don't think you need this, you probably don't.
Static Public IP Address - included in plan.

This plan includes an available static IP address. To activate the service it must be requested before it will be provisioned. Until such request is made the account will be provisioned with a dynamic address.
Advanced Spam Filtering
$5 per month or $30 for an entire year.

Keeps your service faster by weeding out unwanted spam emails before they are ever delivered to you. You may add optional services at any time in the future so if you need it, we will be ready!
Professional Installation Details
- Site Survey (at time of installation) - A $50 value!
- Assembly of antenna and mount(s)
- Antenna alignment peaking for optimum performance
- Installation of up to 150' cat 5e cable
- Cable run through one exterior wall and one interior wall or floor
- Testing of equipment for proper operation
- Connect one PC to the internet
- Customer orientation to LiteWire service and equipment
- Onsite signal strength check
- Determine the best mounting options
- Determine the exact aiming direction
- Answer any mounting questions
- Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
- Ethernet cable connectors on all supplied cable
- Standard mounting bracket, if needed
- Weather sealant for connections and structure penetration
- One wall jack, if necessary
- Up to 150' of cat 5e cable
Fast web browsing - How fast?
Quick email downloading
X Must upgrade to HD for streaming video
X Not recommended for multiple computers
Fast web browsing - How fast?
Quick email downloading
Supports streaming video
Recommended for multiple computers
Faster web browsing - How fast?
Quicker email eownloading
Supports streaming video
Recommended for multiple computers
Higher continuous sustained transfer rate
Increased upload speed
Fastest web browsing - How fast?
Static IP included
Quickest email downloading
Supports streaming video
Recommended for multiple computers
Maximum available speed
Highest continuous sustained transfer rate
Highest upload speed
Proactive monitoring
  • Never have to replace your wireless router again.
  • We take care of the WI-FI router configuration.
  • If you need any help or questions answered we are always here, just a phone call or email away.
  • Local support means that if any trouble does develop, we will resolve it as quickly as possible.
  • Less downtime trying to diagnose router problems.
  • Connect your WI-FI enabled devices such as printers, tablets, phones, computers, game consoles and more safely and securely!
  • From supported devices, you can reach the internet anywhere in most homes!

LiteWire maintains ownership and maintenance of all equipment. All equipment must be returned upon termination of service.
All accounts are "best effort" speeds. Location or local interference could limit the speed that your connection runs. LiteWire makes every effort to provide the maximum connection speed possible.

* Price shown reflects selection of Two Year Contract and LifeTime Lease options. (Not Applicable to Managed WIFI)
* * Early termination fee of $125 applies to all contracts (Not Applicable to Managed WIFI)

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